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ETB Phones

Mission Statement and Benefits

ETB Phones as a full service telephone company has stood the test of time, has been a long term member of E Banc Trade and as such is proudly recommended by E Banc to its members as a reputable carrier providing the following Services:

ETB also provides a full range and ever-expanding range of telephony and communications products including:

Think about it!
If you could change from your current carrier with no hassles and get superior customer service and improved pricing why wouldn’t you change.

PLUS you get the opportunity to pay a reasonable amount of the bill with E Banc Trade Dollars.

Give it a go for 3 months and you can experience the difference, as have many hundreds of E Banc Trade members.

ETB Phones is a company set up by E Banc Trade members for E Banc Trade members. To get the benefits of the special rate plans you must be an E Banc Trade member.

Peace of mind.
ETB Phones is no small fry. Every month ETB Phones bills out millions of minutes of calls to its customer base.
Big enough to buy at the right price but still small enough to offer personalised customer service.
ETB Head Office is based on the Southside of Brisbane and also has offices in
Sydney (Faults and Technical Assistance Group [internet])
Melbourne (Group Marketing)
Adelaide (Branch sales office)
Sub Dealerships Australia wide.

ETB Phones guarantees to save you money as well as enabling you to use Trade Dollars to pay for a good portion of a legitimate business expense.
Give ETB a try
If you are not completely satisfied after receiving your third bill, ETB’s friendly staff will even help you return to your previous carrier and refund in full whatever amount of Trade you have paid over that period.

ETB Phones
PO Box 5148 Algester QLD 4115
Tel:1300 55 49 56 or 07 3272 5690
Fax: 07 3272 6192